Review: Fitbit Charge


The Fitbit Charge was released in Australia on Friday 14 November and I bought it the next day.  I couldn’t wait for the Fitbit Surge which I had originally planned to buy in 2015.

I already knew about the Fitbit products since we already owned the Fitbit Aria.

I got the idea that I wanted to start tracking my steps because after a catch up with a friend, she said she had been tracking her steps with her new iPhone 5 using the Fitbit app.  I tried to activate the step tracker on my iPhone but realised I had the first iPhone 5 – which doesn’t do much now but drain its battery at the most inconvenient times.

And then, coincidentally, I attended the Salesforce’s ExactTarget Marketing Cloud Connections event where, I swear, if they were paid a $1 each time they said Fitbit, they would have bought me a new iPhone 6.  But I was sold.  I had to go and get the Fitbit Charge.

At the time of posting, I’d owned it for just over a week and I love it, and here is why:

It’s a watch.  A 24/7 watch.  I never used to wear a watch.  I always said I had a phone, so why do I need a watch?  But it was getting pretty annoying to always have to dig out my iPhone 5 out of my handbag.  The display is small but it can give you the time and date.

It tracks my sleep patterns automatically.  A bit creepy but still, a nice surprise to find out that I actually sleep an average 7-8 hours with minimal restlessness, so I really shouldn’t be complaining that I am always tired.

It tracks my steps.  I like getting the buzz notification when I hit my target number, currently 10,000 steps. At first I thought it was counting too many steps so I changed the setting to ‘Dominant hand’.  But I still achieved 10,000+.  Maybe I am just awesome.

Incoming call alert.  Gambit LOVES that it notifies me whenever I receive a call.

I am a girl.  I don’t have my iPhone on me (like in a pocket).  I have it nearly always on silent, in my handbag, ready for use when I need it.  But I was pretty much missing most my calls.  Now I get a buzz when I get a call and the screen shows who is calling.

If anyone would like to compete against how many steps I take a day/week, add me to your Fitbit group.  Happy to step up my steps!


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