Review:  Virgin Active


Yesterday was my last day at Virgin Active Pitt Street Mall.

I had been a member of other gyms in the past – Goodlife, Fitness First, Level 4 Health Club, LivingWell, Anytime Fitness and Fernwood. Vision PT but none come close to Virgin Active.

When I went in to cancel, they termed it more as a breakup than a cancellation.

In my case, it truly was a break up because it was the first ever gym I enjoyed going to and didn’t want to cancel with.  And I was only cancelling because of our move to New York.

Why I love Virgin Active:

  • The online booking system allowed me to almost ‘secure’ a spot in a class so there was no nasty ‘come in 15 mins before the class to get a spot’ or that awkward feeling of ‘oh crap, is this class full?  Can I fit in here?’  It also kept me accountable because if I booked a class and didn’t cancel or turn up, I would get a strike against me for the month.
    Online booking system via PC

    Online booking via iPhone
  • It was the first ever gym I went to and did group classes religiously – because of the online booking system.
  • Certain instructors went above and beyond being just an instructor.  I want to give a personal shout out to Brooke who taught the Cycle class on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.  I can’t say enough good things about her.
  • Cleanliness and tidiness – maintenance on the venue and equipment is apparent.  There was rarely any ‘out of order’ signs sitting on cardio machines, build-up of grime and dust, or equipment lying around the place.
  • Using it in the UK.  When I went to the UK in October last year, I was able to go into any of the clubs.  Wow.  There are some nice clubs over there which again, made me go to the gym every day.  No other gym has ever had that much appeal!

Things I didn’t love as much:

  • The cost.  I’m pretty sure no one particularly likes to pay more than $120 a month on gym membership.  However the quality probably justifies the cost.
  • Hot and cold receptionists.  Sometimes they will be friendly.  Sometimes they won’t even acknowledge me.

Would I recommend?  Definitely.  If you are a type of person that needs something ‘extra’ to get you going to the gym, Virgin Active will do it for you because it is a much nicer gym than most of the others out there.  However, if you are someone that will just go and needs no fuss, you’ll probably find it too ‘fancy’.


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