Apartment love


Today is moving day.

After many many weeks of organising our place to be rented out, and then sorting and packing our life into a couple of suitcases and boxes, we are finally leaving our apartment to stay temporarily at our friends’ place for a couple of weeks before staying at a family’s place for another couple of weeks.

So I thought I’d take this opportunity to declare my love for our apartment.

Apartment Love, by crocsandcandy

Once upon a time, just over two years ago, the Prince and Princess started looking for their first home.

One day, they set out for the day to travel far far away on a train to a town called Erskinville to attend an auction.

Now the Prince and Princess were not fools with their gold.  They had set a limit on how much they would spend at the auction for this particular house.  The house had appeal but was deemed what some call a “renovator’s delight”.

Soon after the auction started, the Prince and Princess were priced out.

The nasty realtor had told the couple that the house would go for a lot less than what the property went for as the final price was a couple of hundred thousand over.

Disheartened, the Prince and Princess walked back to the train station, and a miracle happened.

The Prince and Princess had to wait for over fifteen minutes for the train.  That is when they realised they did not enjoy the wait, and decided to look for a home in the city.

A week later, the couple found an apartment in the city.  The Princess immediately fell in love with the dwelling and the Prince did as well.

Unfortunately, the Prince had to attend business overseas and the Princess was left to handle the business side of the purchase.

Fortunately, the Princess was able to negotiate quite a lot of gold off the asking price and the deal was done.

The Prince and Princess were overjoyed and moved into their new kingdom and lived happily ever after.

The end.

Our apartment will be a rental as of tomorrow.  I can only hope that our tenants will enjoy and love our apartment as much as us.


PS – if you enjoy the above comic, please visit stickcomics.com for more wonderful illustrations.


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