New York Cupcake Hunt

My New York Cupcake Hunt


It was obvious to me that I would always be completing this hunt.  Obvious because I used to bake. Because I ran my own little business baking cupcake and cakes. And my body is pretty much 90% cakes, cookies and candy.

At first, I thought there was only Magnolia Bakery.  Especially since it was made famous in Sex in the City and The Devil Wears Prada.

But when I consulted one of my many NYC guide books, I read that there were other players involved.

So this morning, Gambit and I set out to determine which was the best cupcake in NYC ourselves. Well, more for me than for Gambit.  He was just along for the walk.

Here were my control factors:

  • a chocolate icing on chocolate cupcake was purchased from each store
  • when I did the taste test, I cut a quarter of the cupcake and tasted the cupcake bite as a whole – this of course was to allow me to taste both cake and icing simultaneously
  • in addition to the taste test, I made it a blind test so I couldn’t connect the brand to the cupcake

Here were my results:

Billy’s Bakery – The Plaza Food Hall


Billy’s Bakery – located in the Plaza Food Hall

Presentation: My cupcake was very well presented. My cupcake came in an individual box with a tiny handle. The cupcake was lightly topped with pink and yellow sprinkles.

Cake: I loved the cake.  It had a lovely texture. It was nice and moist, definitely not dry.

Icing: By far my favourite icing of the three cupcakes as it was nice and rich but not too rich or sweet.

Flavour: I found this cupcake the most chocolaty of the three.  The flavour was intense but not too bitter.

Overall: a solid 4/5


Sprinkles Cupcakes – Upper East Side


Sprinkles Cupcakes – located Upper East Side

Presentation: The presentation of the cupcake was probably the least impressive of the three.  It came in a brown paper bag sealed with a branded sticker.  The cupcake had a peace sign topper as it was part of their current promotion.

Cake: The cake was dry.  Not so dry that it was unpalatable but when compared to the other three, it took me more saliva to help swallow this cake down than the others.

Icing: The icing was the lightest flavoured of the three.  It wasn’t too sweet as it probably was more buttery than sugary of the three.

Flavour: Both the cake and icing were weakly flavoured.  The cake didn’t taste chocolaty and the icing as I stated previously was more buttery than sweet but also lacked any chocolate intensity.

Overall: 3/5


magnolia bakery
Magnolia Bakery – Bloomingdale’s


Magnolia Bakery – Bloomingdale’s

Presentation: I received my cupcake in a double cupcake box although I only ordered one, which was then placed in a small carry bag.  The overall presentation was simple and cute.

Cake: The cake was pretty good.  It was moist and lovely to eat.

Icing: I found there was ample icing on my cupcake and it was a tad bit too sweet and rich.

Flavour: The flavour was absolutely gorgeous.  My cupcake had an overall lovely chocolate flavour and there was no doubt you were tasting a chocolate cupcake.

Overall: 3.5/5


My overall thoughts?

Billy’s came out a touch ahead of Magnolia.

Sprinkles would not be somewhere I would go back immediately for a cupcake fix.



I also had a slice of Red Velvet Cake from Billy’s and it was amazing.  It was probably a million times better than the cupcake, so I would definitely recommend going in and trying a slice of that if you wanted a baked goods fix.

I also had a Gingerbread cupcake from Magnolia and it was hard and cold as if it had been frozen and therefore came out a bit stale.

When I entered and waited in line at Sprinkles, there was a very big similarity of Sprinkles and a cupcakery in Sydney called Sparkle Cupcakes.  The way they ice their cupcakes with a small circle dot as cupcake topper just seems very similar.


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