The hunt for good coffee in New York


My biggest concern moving to New York was that I was going to have to say goodbye to coffee.

I admit that I was quite spoilt while living in Sydney.  The standard of coffee was great and after spending many years trying different places, in the end, I had three places as my go to for my caffeine hit (Gumption in The Strand, Cafe Connection on York Street, and Mecca Espresso on King Street).

It didn’t reassure me that when we opened our bank account that our bank relationship manager classed Starbucks as ‘fancy’ coffee… It holds the price point of a decent coffee but I wouldn’t say Starbucks was ever a great cup of coffee! But I knew that if I really couldn’t find anywhere in the end, I would go to the McDonalds of coffee and drink Starbucks.

So on my hunt to find ‘good’ coffee in New York, I googled coffee places that were started up by expat Australian and I found three places to try.


Little Collins Cafe – – 667 Lexington Ave

Gambit found a Paypal deal where we got $3 off our coffee if we paid with Paypal. Lucky – because I would have been a bit upset to pay $5 for a small cap. The decor and staff in this place was nice, and the coffee was OK. I wouldn’t return in a rush.


Bluestone Lane Coffee – – 805 3rd Ave

The coffee was quite good, and in my opinion, better than Little Collins. The decor of this small place was rustic and full of personality – it is pretty much a shop front and with no place to sit- and the two guys that were working there on the day we went were both Australian and quite friendly.


Culture Espresso – – 72 West 38th St

The coffee at this place was excellent – definitely the place I will go back to while we live on this side of town. The two girls behind the counter on the day I went had a bit of attitude but since the coffee was so good, I am willing to overlook this.  I read that their home made signature choc chip cookies were also something to try and again, they did not disappoint.


Now that I have found a go-to place, my withdrawal twitches have now gone and I can continue my caffeine fuelled life again.


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