Today’s brunch: Friendman’s Lunch


We had our first New York brunch experience this morning.

I’d read that brunch is a popular mealtime here and with the unlimited options to choose from, I can only assume this to be true.

Our brunch experience today was at Friedman’s Lunch in Midtown West – 132 West 31st Street.

We had a friend with us so I was able to taste more dishes than if it were just the two of us.

We arrived around 10:30am and despite it being a rainy day it didn’t put people off as we were given an approx 30 min wait time which only ended up being about 15 mins.

I ordered the Hot Cocoa, and shared the NY State Lamb Burger and Pancakes with Vermont maple syrup and berry compote.


Hot Cocoa with home made whipped cream

The Hot Cocoa was dark and rich. My only complaint would be that the mug needed to be five times bigger so there would be more for me to enjoy.

NY State Lamb Burger: Locally raised lamb mixed with roasted garlic, caramelized onions, feta, & spices. Sundried tomato & roasted garlic aioli, baby spinach, red onion, herbed fries.

The NY State Lamb Burger was good.  The meat was nice and lean and in no way fatty. The herb fries were really good.

Pulled pork benedict


Gambit had the Pulled Pork Benedict and it was excellent. The pulled pork was spicy, the poached eggs were perfectly done, the hash brown was not too thick and the bread bun was nicely toasted.

Pancakes with berry compote and Vermont maple syrup

And lastly, our order of pancakes came out as three, thick pancakes with berry topping where we could pour whatever amount of maple syrup we wanted.

Overall the experience was great.  The service was above average and I would return simply because of that. And next time I want to try the fried chicken and waffles!

Friedman's Lunch on Urbanspoon


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