I agree with Rice to Riches – think with your stomach!


We went to Rich to Riches (37 Spring St) for dessert after Lombardi’s for dinner as it was just across the road.


I love this place – with all their sassy comments posted all over the place, even the front door.


There were loads of flavours and after trying as many as I could without looking like a greedy fat pig, I opted for the Epic size ($9.50) where I could choose two flavours. So I chose the very exciting Vanilla, and Natural.


I had read on many reviews that the rice puddings were very sweet and from the few that I had tried, I agreed that they were. So I went for a safe flavour, Vanilla, with a unsweetened flavour, Natural.

I thoroughly enjoyed eating my rice pudding out of the fluro orange container with the snazzy spoons.




It’s not the most photogenic of desserts as I think you might agree that the below looks like something my cat brought up after a meal but trust me, it tastes a million times better than how it looks.


I agree with other reviews that it is very expensive for rice pudding. And for $9.50 you could make a lot of rice pudding at home.  But as a dessert novelty, I thought it was worthwhile.


This will be another place I will take Gambit’s parents when they visit since his dad has told me several times how much he loves rice pudding.

Rice To Riches on Urbanspoon



I love rice pudding.

I loved rice pudding ever since my mum brought home Jacaranda creamed rice that came in a milk carton from the chilled section of the supermarket.

Being of Asian decent, I would eat this creamed rice for breakfast because, well, it’s rice. I thought of it as a cold, sweet version of congee, so no big deal.

One day in class (this was back in primary school) I told my teacher what I ate for breakfast and she said that creamed rice wasn’t a breakfast food but a dessert. That came as a big shock to me. But now days, I personally think my creamed rice was probably healthier than any of the breakfast cereals on the shelves. I mean come on, Fruit Loops – where’s the fruit?? At least in creamed rice there was actually rice.


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