Dear Doctor, in case you were concerned…


You may have been following my indulgences over the past month and must be wondering – am I doing anything on the lines of exercise? Or to counter-act the damage?


I would like to confess that I have only written parts of what I have been eating.  I told you I was never going to blog as if it were my food diary – what a bore.


So just to confess and keep things up to date, I have omitted a few items such as home oven-baked cinnamon rolls and cookies (who can resist baking things that come out of a tube!?!?!), tubs of ice-cream (near double digits), packets of crisps and cookies, sodas, and chocolate to the amount as if I had eaten three or four Easters combined.


I have woofed all these down and in a short space of time.


But I would like you to be reassured that I joined a fitness centre last week.


It takes me half an hour to walk there, then half an hour back. I do cardio and weights. I listen to my Spotify jams and harass anyone I can find in the change room that will have a chat with me (counted as cardio time.. movement of the mouth muscles are counted).


For example, according to my Fitbit, I took around 90K steps over the last week.


I might even start taking diet pills and laxatives so I can eat more.


So don’t worry, I am taking care of myself.


Although I would be kidding myself to say that I am going to lose weight while living over here.

Love, C&C.



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