Driving in New York – Part 3 – Driving lesson #1 – the evaluation

Driving lesson

On the day of my 5 hour pre-licensing course, I booked in for my first driving lesson to get an evaluation of my driving technique.

Nico or Rico, my driving instructor probably 10 years younger than me, met with me outside our apartment early last Saturday morning and we drove around Manhattan.

Nico or Rico explained about the different stop signs and basically gave hints of what the tester would be looking for on the day of the exam.

I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to parallel park properly since the driver’s side is on the left, and not the right as I am used to.

So Nico or Rico let me practise parking about 5-8 times on the day and gave me pointers for the park.

At the end of the lesson Nico or Rico said that he thought I should book in for the test.  Delighted with that news, I booked in and am waiting for my test date which should be in early June.

The one hour driving lesson cost $60.

As you’ll see below, it isn’t cheap to convert my license over. Let’s just how I pass the driving test!

So far it has cost:

  • $77.50 for my Learner’s Permit
  • $50.00 for my Pre-Licensing Course
  • $60.oo for my first driving lesson
  • $240.00 for my driving test

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