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I thought it was time for the explanation post for the blog name – crocsandcandy.  By now, it should be obvious where the candy comes from, but where does the Crocs come from?

I have only been wearing Crocs since circa 2013.  And after you read this post, it will become obvious where the ‘Crocs‘ came from.

I was once that person that turned her nose up to anyone that said they wore Crocs.  But the judgmental me for this brand soon disappeared when I saw that they could be stylish – and comfortable.

Previously, when someone said ‘Crocs‘ I would instantly think: big, clunky clogs, reserved for the 50+ year olds, nurses, Asians with poor dress sense and children.

Oh how ignorant I was.

Let me introduce you to my Crocs family.

2 Croc family b&w
My croc shoe family as at 1 May, 2015

I took a photo of my Crocs inventory this morning after Whatsapping my friends in Sydney.  It then triggered that this post was long over due.

Here in the photo you will see 3 pairs of boots, 3 pairs of flats, 3 pairs of wedges and 3 pairs of flipflops.

The Crocs flip flop family

3 Croc flipflops
Meet my Sexi Flips

In Australia, thongs (or what are called flip flops in the US and UK) are a typical type of footwear. Especially in the summer.

I stumbled across these types of flip flops by myself.  I am having trouble remember where I bought my first pair from – whether it was from a Crocs store in Australia or through Amazon.

In my lifetime, I have actually bought 7 pairs.  2 in black, 5 in brown. I gave away a pair to my friend in Sydney, wore 3 pairs to the point the soles had holes, and now I have 3 left.

As you will see, there are tags on a pair of the brown in the photo because I bought them as I was told they were going to be discontinued.

These flip flops are amazing.

They are called the Sexi Flip.

sexi flips

The sophisticated Sexi Flip sandal has a sleek Italian look that’s sure to turn heads. Unique t-strap design and the form-fitting comfort you love from Crocs.

Crocs™ Sexi Flip Sandal Details:

  • Innovative combination of Crocs™ comfort and Italian design.
  • Footbed features Croslite™ material circulation nubs for a massage-like feel.
  • Non-marking Croslite™ material outsole.

Foot painI had to stop wearing Havaianas because the top of my feet started to hurt.  To be more exact, I have isolated the area of my foot so you can see where I was hurting.

I believe that because when I was wearing these types of flip flops, each time I lifted my foot I needed to tip back this area to keep the flip flop on.

The Sexi Flip has an extra bit of strap that goes around the ankle, keeping the shoe in place with no issues of it falling off.

The sole is extra cushy which absorbs the impact of each step, and it has a slight arch, to help with severely “archy” people like myself. There is no Crocs logo on the top of the flip flop so no one can see they are Crocs at first glance.


The Crocs flat family

4 Croc fkats
Meet my flats

In this photo you will see 2 pairs of black flats, and a pair of white ones.

The black flats you see are called Crocs Cap Toe Flat.

cap toe flat

For decades, this has been a wardrobe’s “go-to” shoe, thanks to its timeless style and versatility. But with a more modern twist, our lightweight Croslite™ material makes these cap toe flats as comfortable as they are cute. Perfectly caps off a pair of skinny jeans or cropped pants.

Women’s Cap Toe Flat details:

  • Fully-molded Croslite™ material for maximum lightweight cushioning and comfort
  • Cap on toe adds a finishing touch
  • Classic closed-toe flat style

I love the Cap Toe Flats because they can pass as work shoes as there is no outside Crocs logo on display, and are super comfortable. These two pairs I alternate instead of wearing one down and then starting the second.  In total, I have bought 3 pairs of these, my original pair were binned after I wore the heel down.


The white pair of flats in the photo are Crocs Kadee.

kadee flats

Light in weight and big on comfort. The Crocs™ Kadee women’s flat is a ballerina-inspired shoe featuring classic form-to-foot Croslite™ construction and easy slip-on-and-off style.

Kadee Flat Details:

  • Classic molded flat with distinctive heel windows and detailing.
  • Circulation nubs along footbed for a massage-like feel.
  • Stylized holes on vamp for breathability.
  • Fully molded Croslite™ material flat for lightweight comfort.
  • Non-marking Croslite™ material outsole.

I bought these for my wedding.  I wanted flats to wear just in case I needed some.  And they made a great pair of dancing shoes.  I love these flats for comfort.  They are more cushy than the Cap Toe Flats.  The only thing I don’t like about these is because they have a bit of the ‘Crocs‘ look with the hole at the back, and the Crocs logo is on the outside.  I have considered buying these in different colours as I now wear the white ones casually – like when I pop down to the shops or do the laundry.


The one pair of Crocs flats I have bought in the past but wouldn’t purchase again are the Crocs Mammoth.  I have owned one pair in black and have thrown them away.

mammoth flats

The Crocs Mammoth flats were extremely comfortable BUT were lined with a furry lining. And because of this lining it would trap odor and after only a few months of wear, my Mammoths started to stink.


The Crocs wedge family

5 Croc wedges
My wedge family

In this photo I have a pair of the Leigh Wedges in black and Oatmeal/Mushroom.

leigh wedge

Come straight off the beach and hit the street in style with the Crocs™ Leigh Wedge. The Leigh Wedge is the perfect comfortable heeled Crocs™ shoe for those long summer days. If you are looking for style and comfort, the Crocs™ Leigh Wedge is the clear choice.

The Crocs™ Leigh Wedge wedge sandal features:

  • Linen upper featuring genuine leather detailing for a classic and stylish look. Adjustable ankle strap for custom fit.
  • Footbed features croslite™ material circulation nubs for a massage-like feel.
  • Non-marking croslite™ material outsole.
  • Upper features natural linen material.
  • 2-⅞ (74mm) Wedge Heel for a little lift.

I bought the Oatmeal/Mushroom colour as I wanted a pair of ‘heels’ for the wedding but didn’t want to wear the traditional stiletto heels and kill my feet the whole night.

I am 100% thankful I bought these.  I wore them under my dress down the aisle and had the Kadee flats to change into for the rest of the day BUT didn’t change into them until halfway through the night because these were super comfortable.

The Crocs Leigh Wedge are comfortable and easy to walk in.  The sole is extra cushy with an arch support. I have since bought a pair of the black ones to wear with black dresses.


I bought a pair of the black A – Leigh Wedge but gave them away to Frenchie before moving to New York because the material is leather and was rubbing on my toes, causing them to blister.  Frenchie says she has been wearing them almost daily and loves them.

a leigh wedge

Slip in and step up to timeless style and comfort. We top signature lightweight construction with premium leather and add a 2 ¾-inch wedge heel for a little lift.

A-Leigh Wedge Leather Details:

  • Premium leather upper sandal with textile lining.
  • 2 ¾-inch cork-wrapped wedge heel for a little lift.
  • Adjustable ankle strap for a custom fit.
  • Molded Croslite™ material wedge and footbed for signature Crocs comfort.
  • Footbed nubs offer a massage-like feel.
  • Non-marking Croslite™ material outsole.


The Crocs boot family

6 Croc boots
My Croc booties


I currently have 3 A-Leigh Leather Boots, 2 in black (one worn, one for next season) and one in brown.

The A-Leigh Leather Boots

leight boots

Make this your go-to leather boot — it has the look you want with the lightweight, crocs comfort you love. You’ll wear these everywhere and anywhere, and feel good doing it.

Women’s A-leigh Leather Boot details:

  • Genuine leather upper with colorful houndstooth textile lining
  • Exceptionally comfortable Croslite™ material footbed
  • Medial side zipper for easy on, off
  • Wedge heel for a little lift
  • Metal buckle hardware adds a finishing touch
  • Rubber outsole pods improve traction and durability
  • Measurements:
    • Circumference: 15.0 in
    • Boot Shaft Length: 11.8 in

foot pain 2
The Crocs A-Leigh Leather boots were the best purchase I made since moving to New York.

These helped me survive the winter here (although I had to alternate with my snow boots for when it was icy) and fashionably.  Again, I love these boots as they are discreetly Crocs, with no obvious branding on the outside.  They are fairly comfortable but not as cushy as the flats, nor do they have as much arch support.  There was one afternoon that my arches were killing as they felt they were being stretched.  But once I inserted a Dr Scholls gel insert they were perfect again.


I did also buy a pair of Crocs Duet Busy Day Boots because I needed some boots that would help me walk through the snow and ice.  However these boots felt too loose and therefore not the support I needed for my ankles so I returned them.

duet boots

Don’t let snow slow you down — you still have things to do. This boot is light enough to keep you moving, with just enough warmth and functionality to keep you comfortable. You’ll like the fleece lining and the ability to wear it two ways — full length or folded over. Finally, a winter boot with a sporty side.

Women’s Duet Busy Day Boot details

  • Nylon upper
  • Toasty fleece lining
  • Wear it two ways: full length or folded over
  • Easy-on opening with Velocro®
  • Textile-wrapped Croslite™ material footbed cushions and comforts
  • Rubber outsole pods improve traction


So there you have it.  They are the Crocs I have purchased in the past.  I would say that I have spread my love of Crocs through either giving pairs of mine away or through letting others try my pairs on.

If you are still one of those people that clogs when they think Crocs, you are so so so wrong.

Crocs are so much more than just their clogs!

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