Driving in New York – Part 4 – The driving test

NY State Road test

I sat my driver’s license exam on Thursday.

I had asked the driving school that I wanted an appointment first thing in the morning in Queens, after they had asked me to submit times and areas I wanted.

My actual appointment ended up being at 3PM in Yonkers.

The $240 I paid was for the Regular Road Test Package which included a 90 minute simulated road test, road test appointment, and car rental for the test.

I was asked to arrive at the driving school at 1PM.  But at the time I didn’t know I would be driving the car to Yonkers… through Manhattan lunchtime traffic! Which I think was what was considered as the “90 minute simulated road test”.

When we arrived in Yonkers, we parked the learner car along the side of a road behind about 7-8 other cars which were also waiting to sit the test.  It was a little weird as the test didn’t start at a DMV centre but on this side of the road.

There were three DMV testing officers that walked along the road and at different times, each one popped in and out of cars which they had just assessed.

I was able to sit my test a little earlier than booked as I had arrived at the driving school an hour ahead of time.

My test went for about 10 minutes.  Instead of completing a manual checklist on a clipboard throughout my test, the DMV officer memorized areas I had failed and then printed out a little ticket, like a shop receipt, out of a handheld device which stated the areas I failed in.

I was a little confused at the end of the test as I thought I had failed.

But instead, I only lost 20 points.  The fail mark was 30 points.

I’m not entirely sure of all the areas I failed in but you can see my results below.

NYS DMV Test Results
My Road Test Results


Anyway – all in all, this whole re-licensing experience was not great.  It was expensive (although it could have cost a lot more if I had sat more lessons), and took up time (which again, luckily most of that time was when I was unemployed).

But now I guess I can at least rent cars and go for weekends away with Gambit.


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