My first Silent Disco – Sunday, 26 July – and I loved it!

LIC landing view

Miss BC asked whether I would be interested in going to a Silent Disco a few weeks ago, and having always wanted to go to one, I immediately said yes.

In the end, there were 5 of us that went.  Gambit didn’t go as he was recovering from a cold or flu.

Background info:  A silent disco is like any type of disco/nightclub type of event, but instead of having music blaring out of speakers, you wear headphones that connect to the different DJs there on the night.

The one we went to was an organised event where we paid $5 (booked online) which included entry and headset rental.

The headsets were wireless and on one side had a volume control dial, and on the other side, had a switch which you clicked and you could change the channel (imagine an on/off switch, but with a middle option to select as well).

A DJ was in control of each channel.  There was a DJ for Top 40s, 80-90s, and Hip hop.

When you wore the headphones, your channel selection was displayed in a way of a light colour, this way you could see what others were listening to.  For example, blue = hiphop, red = 80s-90s, and green = Top 40s.  You will be able to see below in the clips what I mean by the headphones lighting up.

The particular event we went to was held at the LIC Landing.  The evening was gorgeous.  It wasn’t too hot and humid and it was a beautiful sunset.  More importantly, there was a lovely breeze now and then as we were right by the water.

Our views were of the Manhattan skyscrapers while we danced on a wooden pier area under the sunset and then clear night sky.  We were straight across from the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building.

This clip (click on the image below to play) was taken when the sun was setting.  That is not me singing.

This clip (click on the image below to play) was taken once the sun had disappeared – see how the headphones are lit.  This means a lot of the people were listening to the Hip hop station.


I had my reservations about the Silent Disco.  I wondered if I would look a right toss, standing there, dancing away. But it was actually a great night.  Since everyone else that was there had headsets, noone felt like a right fool.  The people walking past the deck who didn’t know what the heck was going on would have thought it was amusing.

It may also seem like it is a very antisocial event because you are not talking to each other.  But instead, it worked out better because unlike the typical nightclub where you would need to scream at each other to be heard, you simply had to take your headphones off and talk normally.  For some parts of the night I just had the headphone over one ear, and the other off so I could hear if anyone wanted to tell me something.  And because the lights represented what my friends were listening, never did I have to ask ‘which DJ are you listening to?” – and if an awesome song came up on the channel I was listening to, I could just tap my friend’s arm and point to my headphone colour to indicate that they should change channels.

I didn’t have any alcohol to help me dance, although it was an all ages event and alcohol was available for purchase.

Would I go to another one?  Err, yes.  I have already been looking out for another one to go to!


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