Fitbit loving

My Fitbit Charge

A while back I wrote a post about my Fitbit Charge and this is just a quick follow up.

I bought my Fitbit Charge the first day it was released in Australia and really loved it.

I have worn it everyday since, excluding the hour or so here and there when it needs a charge up. The battery life on it is excellent and I am still getting just over a week on a full charge.

I love the app and pc interface which I have linked up to all my other health and fitness apps such as Digifit (which records my heart rate for when I do my spin classes) and MyFitnessPal (which records my food diary when I fill it out – which is not often).

So I was obviously bummed when my FitBit stopped syncing to my app. I troubleshooted and just still couldn’t get it to sync.

I called up the customer care centre and within moments I was speaking to a friendly customer care consultant. Fortunately while on the phone to her my Fitbit started to sync again by itself. However while I was on the phone to her I mentioned that the back of my Fitbit had broken away from wear and tear. My friend had said she’s received a new Fitbit when she lost hers and then again when a part of hers broke – so I wanted to see what they could do for me.

Fitbit wear and tear
Fitbit wear and tear damage 😦
Fitbit wear and tear
Cracking from the other side
Fitbit wear and tear
Fitbit cracking away from the back

To my delight they offered to send me out a free replacement and within days it came in the mail!!!

Replacement Fitbit
My replacement Fitbit!!!

I really can’t fault the product or the service on this one. So if you are looking in the market for such a device and tossing up between all the different brands – I would highly recommend you give Fitbit a go.


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