Home is where your cat is…

Virgin lounge

Last Friday afternoon Gambit and I flew out from Heathrow to JFK.

I successfully filled all of our 3 suitcases to the point where the zippers looked like they were going to rip apart.  I didn’t manage to find any clothing I liked so I bought enough food products to stock my pantry to make me feel like I was in the UK.

After checking in and stopping through Duty Free to pick up some liquor and gifts, we had approximately 20 mins in the Virgin Lounge.  This was one of the better lounges I have ever been into.

When we entered the lounge we noticed that there seemed to be some type of filming going on and when we left to board our plane, we were told that it was up-and-coming artist, Audreya Triana performing.

The Delta flight to New York was actually really good.  The plane was a bit dated but I got very lucky as noone wanted to sit next to me, so I had two seats to myself.  I also had one of the better plane foods I’ve ever consumed and the service was very good.  Overall the experience was great and I intend to fly with them again.

Now the not so great news is that during the flight, I decided to bite my left thumb’s nail.  While I was having a good go at it, I suddenly felt I had a bit of rock in my mouth.  I pulled it out but because it was lights-out time, I couldn’t see what it was exactly, so I thought it was perhaps something stuck under my nail which I pulled out with my teeth.

Then… the penny dropped.  I ran my tongue on across the bottom of my front teeth and felt it.  A chunk missing from one of my front teeth!  I had managed to chip my tooth by biting my nail!  I have either strong nails or weak teeth.  I would honestly say it’s a nice 50/50 combo.

So wait for it, here is what my front teeth look like for the rest of the flight – and although I have had Invisalign, my teeth are still not picture perfect – so people with a weak stomach may want to skip the photo.


It wasn’t until Tuesday that I could make an appointment with the dentist to get it fixed.  And by Wednesday night my front tooth was fixed and better than new – see scary image below.  I wondered why my tooth was slightly discoloured and shorter than the other but the dentist was kind enough to explain that discolouration may have occurred from trauma to the tooth (and I have an idea of when that happened…) and it is shorter than the other because I grind my teeth.


My dentist experience yesterday was one of the best ones I have ever had.  The whole experience, from booking my appointment to my filling and scale and clean was excellent and I highly recommend Frangella Dental.  I am actually feeling pretty good about having to return in a couple of week’s time for  another filling.

Yes, I know – I have teeth worse than a kid.

And also just to add – it is great being home.  Because for me, home is where Ava is.



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