My new travel companion – Tripit

Vacation planning

Gambit and I have booked a few holidays from now until the end of 2016.

I have tried using Tripit in the past but never stuck to using it for whatever reason.  However, due to our recent increased travel plans, I decided to give it another go – and I am very happy that I have done so.

Firstly, let me explain what Tripit is.  Simply – for me it is an online itinerary builder.  I use the desktop and iPhone app versions.  I can manually add a trip in or send my booking confirmations (for example; travel, hotels, entertainment) to a Tripit email and all the info is populated for me.  And ta-da – all my holiday info is one place.

Trip it 1
Adding travel plans to Tripit
Trip it 2
Adding activities to Tripit
Trip it 3
Adding other plans to Tripit


I tested the Tripit app over the weekend during our ‘Cultural day out’ trip and it worked perfectly. The app automatically moved to the next activity planned on the itinerary instead of the beginning of the day where you would have to scroll down the screen to find the next activity.

What I love the most about Tripit is that I no longer need to refer to my emails for confirmations/bookings and addresses, an excel/word file where I have typed out the itinerary, and my iPhone to map everything out.  Everything is in one place.

This is Tripit’s video:


I want to also note that I tried another app, Travefy.  I absolutely loved the interface and the ability to ‘sketchpad’ ideas for trips – all I had to do was type in the area and find things to do and see close by and save them in an area.  I could also put in website addresses for things of interest.  And it also allowed me to plan a trip for a group and collect funds from everyone for the holiday.  However, the reason why I didn’t stick to using Travefy was that I when I sent my confirmations through for flights and hotels, I was unable to then edit the information. I found this limiting as if the info was incorrect, I cannot fix it unless I manually entered everything in.

Overall, I would not say no to using Travefy again in the future.  At the moment I will continue to use Tripit until the end of 2016.


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