I love Ebates!

Ebates is awesome.jpg

My favourite website at the moment is Ebates.

I wish I knew about them before we moved to New York as we could have saved so much money.

Basically how it works:

  • I go to the Ebates.com website
  • Search for the store I want to shop at (like Macy’s, Walmart, Lord & Taylor, Kohl’s, Groupon, Gap, Sears 0 just to name a few)
  • Shop, and buy the things I need
  • Ebates gives me a % back on my total spend

I wish I knew about this before moving to New York – when we bought the most amount of stuff to set up home! I’ve been using it since mid year and have received over $200 so it definitely works!

And with the recent Thanksgiving – Black Friday – Cyber Monday sales – Gambit and I have received quite a bit back – especially since I bought a new laptop from Walmart!

So if you need to sign up, please go here (yes, I admit I get a referral fee) and get started! Happy shopping!





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