Gambit’s 2015 birthday

Birthday quote

Gambit celebrated his birthday in December. Since his parents were in town, I planned a full day of events for all of us to enjoy.

First up – breakfast at Sarabeth’s Tribeca.

There is a Sarabeth’s near our apartment at Central Park South, however the reviews on Yelp for that location were hit and miss which doesn’t surprise me as it is situated in a fairly ‘touristy’ location.  The Tribeca restaurant was quite pretty on the inside and it wasn’t very busy for a Monday morning/brunch.

The menu had a lot of options.  It wasn’t too basic nor overwhelming. I thought the food there was excellent. There is something they put in the scrambled eggs that make them a creamy texture and flavor.  My guess would be something fattening, like milk or cream.

Gambit’s mum ordered the eggs benedict. Gambit’s dad ordered the Lumberjack breakfast (as did I). Gambit ordered the Goldie Lox.

Gambit birthday breakfast 1
Eggs Benedict

Gambit birthday breakfast 2
Goldie Lox

Gambit birthday breakfast 3
Lumberjack breakfast
Next up – coffee time at Laughing Man Coffee & Tea.

I like the Laughing Man because they make ‘Australian’ style coffees (like a flat white) primarily because one of its founders is Hugh Jackman. Gambit hadn’t been before so it was a nice way to fill in the time before going to the One World Observatory since that part of the day was a surprise for everyone.

Gambit birthday coffee

Up into the clouds – the One World Observatory.

I think 2015 was a year for all of us to try and go up all the highest buildings in the cities we visited! Gambit and I went up the Shard when in London.  Gambit, his parents and I went up the Stratosphere in Las Vegas. In New York we have all been up the Empire State Building and The Rockefeller.

The views from the observation deck were good.  I would say it was as impressive as the view from the Shard. However, the information / education provided at the stands located inside One World, one on each side of the observation deck, was excellent. There was a presenter at each location that would interact with the audience and give information about New York – anything from food to history.

One World Observatory 1

One World Observatory 3

One World Observatory 4

One World Observatory 5

One World Observatory 6

One World Observatory 7

One World Observatory 8

One World Observatory 9

Dinner time – at Bill’s Bar & Burgers – midtown.

I chose Bill’s Bar & Burgers for dinner because it was close to Radio City, where we were off to straight after to see The Rockettes.  Luckily the food was actually pretty good and was not that expensive.

Gambit birthday dinner

Showtime – at Radio City, for the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular.

To be completely honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Rockettes show. I went in with quite low expectations because I thought it would be quite cheesy.  Since this was a surprise for Gambit, he had mentioned a few weeks earlier to me that he had no real interest in going to the show. That obviously got me worried but it was too late by then as Gambit’s dad had purchased the tickets months ago when we were all planning Gambit’s birthday.

To my uttermost surprise, the show was actually very good. I will note however, if it had gone on for any more than another 10-15 minutes, I would probably change my opinion.

The costumes and backdrops were great.  The synchronized kicks and movement of the Rockettes was pretty good (I say only ‘pretty good’ because after seeing the opening for the Beijing Olympics, where hundreds of people were almost synchronized, the expectation for 38 is pretty high). The parts of the show which featured the two kids were my least favourite. They were on for almost half of the time. Cheesy scripted lines are something I haven’t been brought up to appreciate.

The Rockettes 1

The Rockettes 2

The Rockettes 3

The Rockettes 4

The Rockettes 5

The Rockettes 6

The Rockettes 7

The Rockettes 8

The Rockettes 10

The Rockettes 11

The Rockettes 12

The Rockettes 13

The Rockettes 14

The Rockettes 15

The Rockettes 16

I won’t mention too much more about the storyline as I don’t want to ruin it for anyone that might want to go watch it. The audience were invited to take photos and videos which was a bit of a change, so you will see some bits of the show below:

Birthday cake time – at Magnolia’s Bakery.

I hadn’t organized an actual birthday cake for Gambit considering we were eating out a lot, his work colleague having ordered one especially for him, and Christmas was only a few days later. So after the Rockettes, we popped into Magnolia’s and picked up four cupcakes to eat back in the apartment.

Gambit birthday cake
Gambit’s birthday cake from work – his work colleague went to great lengths to get this for him!
And that, was Gambit’s 2015 birthday.

This post was written for Gambit, so that he can remember what he did for this 2015 birthday.


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