One benefit of living in NYC: The IDNYC Card

One of the awesome things about living in NYC is getting the IDNYC card. Gambit and I signed up for our IDNYC cards when they first came out in early 2015.

What is it?

It is essentially an ID card for any New York City resident and can be used at many different places in New York.

Why did we get it?

We applied for it because it provided free membership / access to many of the New York museums and cultural institutions for a year from the time we signed up for our ID cards. Eg, we signed up in 2015 which meant we had to visit all the places we wanted to within the year. Since we were going to be in New York for a few years and we wanted to visit all the galleries and museums anyway we thought this way we would get to, and for free!

There’s other benefits including discounts on prescriptions, entertainment discounts, discount on fitness memberships (like the Citi Bike hire), and classes. But to be honest, we just wanted the free entry to most of the places we were going to see anyway.

Is it easy to get?

The process of getting the card was super easy. We were at the beginning stage of the program so there was an influx of people signing up which meant we had to wait a month to get an appointment. The card has been out for over two years now. I actually just checked online to see how long the wait time was to book a midtown appointment – and I could get a next day appointment!

At the appointment, all we had to do was provide proof that we lived in New York, and our ID cards were mailed to us in about two weeks.

The first year of holding our ID cards, we visited the American Museum of Natural History, Flushing Town Hall, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of the City of New York, New York Botanical Garden, and MoMA PS1.

I was super bummed that we didn’t get to go to the Central Park Zoo, not because we didn’t live close to Central Park Zoo but because enrollment to get into the Central Park Zoo had to be done at the Bronx Zoo which is over an hour away.

Are you still thinking about applying for your IDNYC? Don’t – just do it!


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