My FOMO helped create my NYC Bucket List

FOMO. I have it. I have it so badly that it has contributed to my weight gain over the last decade. It has also contributed to my increase of life experiences. So I guess overall, it hasn’t been so bad. I think as I get older my FOMO will decrease. It just has to!

Now, for those who are wondering what FOMO is…

Firstly, it’s not a disease – although if you spend enough time with me, you might catch it.

Secondly, I don’t think everyone can get FOMO. I think people with addictive personalities would have it worse than others.

Lastly, you don’t have to be continuously unhappy to have FOMO.

FOMO stands for ‘Fear of missing out’.

It’s my FOMO that has driven me to travel to places, eat different things, and go to a variety of events.

My FOMO itch was so bad that mid-last year I created my NYC Bucket List. I used Wunderlist however I wouldn’t recommend starting a list on Wunderlist since it will be scrapped shortly.

I will post about my different NYC Bucket List items in time because as you can see, I haven’t completed that many. My list does feature ridiculous things that wouldn’t appeal to everyone, like ‘finding the best donut/cupcake/cheesecake’, ‘visit all the iconic landmarks’, ‘sit in the audience for these tv shows’, etc. 

It would be fair to say that my it’s been my FOMO that has been the driving force behind my NY adventures. 


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