For April, I quit sugar!

I quit sugar for a month and for anyone that knows me in real life, or has followed me long enough on my site, this would come as a big shock. 

I mean I once ate 12 Krispy Kremes in one sitting, would have a Snickers and a Mars bar for lunch, a dessert with every dinner even though I didn’t even finish dinner (because dessert stomach is a different part of the body, right?) – so going sugar free must have been an easy fail. 

I didn’t know I would be quitting sugar for April until March 31. While I was in Australia, I kept seeing parts of a tv show “Sugar Free Farm” and I thought ‘hmmm.. sugar free…’. And it just made sense for me to start it in April after I ate so much crap during my holiday in Australia.

I think it would also be a mega challenge for me because Easter fell in April this year. A lot of Easter bunnies were saved this year because I was not out on the rampage.

So how did I go, quitting sugar for a month?

I thought I was going to be very angry the first few days to a week. I thought I would eventually get better by mid April.

What surprised me was that I had no withdrawal symptoms. I didn’t get the headaches, I didn’t get angry or irritated.

I think because I was still eating carbs (rice, bread, pasta), I was getting enough sugar. 

Did I lose any weight?

Er. No. BUT I did feel much better. I didn’t feel as ‘puffy’ especially around my eyes. I slept better at nights. Gambit said I looked ‘slimmer’ in the face (to me that means he thought I was fat in the first place *huff*).

Would I do it again?

Yes. I think I should go sugar free every second or third month. I mean, there’s no harm to doing it. 


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