Review: NYC FreshDirect vs AmazonFresh

I have been a customer of FreshDirect and AmazonFresh for the past 1-2 years. I think that I am now able to provide a detailed review on both. So here we go for those people that live in New York and are trying to decide which option to go with:



Minimum spend: $40 (pre-tax)

subscription fee:

Amazon Prime membership +

$14.99 (+ tax, per month, no contract)

Delivery cost: For all orders under $40, delivery is $9.99.

For order over $40, delivery is free.

Delivery timeslots: You can order for next day delivery if your order is placed before the cut off time.

Delivery timeslots are in hourly slots for attended delivery (where you need to be present to receive your order), or 3 hour slots for doorstep delivery.


Attended Delivery: 7-8am, 8-9am, 9-10am, etc up to 9-10pm

Doorstep Delivery: before 7am, 1-10am, 10-1pm, etc up to 6-9pm.

Delivery service: I have found that AmazonFresh orders have not been delivered within time as much as FreshDirect.

For this reason, I have changed to doorstep delivery with a before 7am drop off, so my groceries are at my door for when I wake up – and if they are late, I would still be at home.

Ease of ordering:


Via the Website

I don’t find the website as user friendly as FreshDirect. I find things are a bit all over the place compared to FreshDirect.

I find I need to really ‘look’ for things on the AmazonFresh site compared to it being there in my face with FreshDirect.

Via the Mobile app

The AmazonFresh app was discontinued and ordering is now made through the normal Amazon app.

I find I need to know what I want and search for it when using the app, versus FreshDirect where I can browse.

I would say that because of this, I prefer to order using my laptop, AND FreshDirect would get more user dollars out of me because I would buy things I stumble across.

Quality of produce: I don’t know where AmazonFresh get their fruit and vegetables from my I’d say nearly ever order or second order, I have issues with the fruit or veg not being right.

For instance, in my latest order, I ordered two 3lb bags of onions and each bag, the onions were covered in brown/black dust/dirt, were soft and squishy, and I think the outer layers of the two onions I cut into were rotten.

Calling or emailing complaints about products being damaged or rotten is easy and I can get a credit or refund.

Range of products:

This one is hard to say because it is not apples to apples.

Compared to FreshDirect, AmazonFresh does not have its own kitchen so getting ‘home cooked/ kitchen prepared’ items is just not there.

AmazonFresh also does not have flowers – in case you wanted fresh flowers as a gift.

It does not have cakes, bakery bread, bakery items, etc.

However, it has a larger range of packaged items – the ones in a box, tin/can, bag. And they are usually cheaper because I think Amazon get a good price for them as they can sell them through all their channels (Amazon, AmazonFresh, Amazon PrimeNow).

AmazonFresh do pair with other companies and have deals/promos.

For example, they offer Tyson Tastemaker meal kits, and Martha Stewart’s Marley Spoon meal kits. They are a bit more expensive than FreshDirect and a lot more expensive when FreshDirect’s meal kits go on sale.

Price of products:

In general, without products being on offer or in promotion, a shopping basket from FreshDirect is more expensive than AmazonFresh

Shopping basket challenge (as of 21 April, 2017):

$42.58 inc tax, + membership/subscription fee $14.99 (+ tax)

Customer service:


I found Amazon’s customer service pretty good all round with all their channels.

AmazonFresh is now just an email away for me as it is more convenient.

Overall: If you already have Amazon Prime membership ($99 per year), then $14.99 (+ tax) per month, no contract is not a bad deal especially if you stock up on the items which are a lot cheaper than FreshDirect.

In my situation, I am a member of Amazon Prime.

I sign up to AmazonFresh every 2nd or 3rd month and stock up on mainly meat when it goes on sale, and cat food (strange I know but my cat only eats on type and it is cheapest on AmazonFresh when it is in stock).

I definitely get more than $14.99 (+tax) back in savings so it is worth it to me. However, I need to accept that in nearly every order products will come damaged, missing, late, or delivered to the wrong apartment. If these are factors you cannot work with (because you will need to find replacements for damaged/missing items because they don’t organize replacements like FreshDirect) then AmazonFresh has not proven the most reliable and you might want to give it a miss.



Minimum spend: $40 (pre-tax)

subscription fee:

Delivery cost: There are two options – either pay per order, or sign up for a DeliveryPass

  • Per delivery – $6.99
  • DeliveryPass – sign up to a 2 months trial for 1cent, 6 months delivery for $79, or 1 year delivery for $129.
Delivery timeslots: You can order for next day delivery if your order is placed before the cut off time.

Delivery timeslots are in 1.5-2 hour slots, example 6:30am-8am, 8pm-10pm.

Delivery service: I’d say 99% of the time my delivery came on time. And FreshDirect customer service was excellent in offering a refund for delivery if the delivery did not come in time.
Ease of ordering:


Via the Website

The website is easy to navigate. The header tabs are very logical and easy to understand. To add items into your basket is simple, and checkout is easy.

I also like that when typing in a product, if I spelt it incorrectly, it was good at suggesting the product I wanted. For example, I typed in “trkey” and it understood I was looking for “turkey”.

Via the Mobile app

The mobile app is just as easy to use. The menu is very easy to understand, and placing items into the basket is simple. The checkout is also very easy to use.

Quality of produce: I’d say 90% of the time the produce was excellent – that being the fruit, veg, and meats.

The few times the items came and were either damaged (squashed fruits), rotten (rotting vegetables), or not satisfactorily packaged (meats not wrapped properly), all I had to do was call up customer service, or email, and I would get a credit or refund with a sincere apology.

Range of products:

This one is hard to say because it is not apples to apples.

Compared to AmazonFresh, FreshDirect have a lot of ready made meals and meal kits which are mostly fantastic. They have their own kitchen so that is why they can create and offer such items. I have ordered several of their stir-fry kits, prepped deli salads, wonderful bakery goods (banana bread… mmmmm) and they have all been great. Not only that, they are very reasonably priced.

FreshDirect also have promotional deals or meal kits. I have tried the Thanksgiving dinner feast kit which was brilliantly simple and delicious (the kit came with a turkey, sides, gravy), and I also tried the crab shack party pack when it was crab season (the kit came with bibs, wooden mallets, table cover, a dozen cooked crabs)

The downfall of the range point is that the range of products are not as large as Amazon’s. And with that, the cost of items are more expensive. For example, I just searched “birthday candles” and FreshDirect had one product available for $2.99, while AmazonFresh had six products available, starting from 99c.

The upside is that I found FreshDirect offered products from local suppliers which AmazonFresh did not stock.

Price of products:

In general, without products being on offer or in promotion, a shopping basket from FreshDirect is more expensive than AmazonFresh

Shopping basket challenge (as of 21 April, 2017):

$57.28 inc tax, + delivery.

Customer service:


I found the customer service from FreshDirect consistent and very good. Whenever I had an issue, I would have no problems in getting a result. And they were always very sincere with their apology if I had a damaged/delayed/missing order.
Overall: If you don’t have Amazon Prime membership and am not interested in getting it, FreshDirect is a great grocery delivery service.

In my opinion:

If you are someone that loves good quality meat, variety of prepared meals, options for meal kits, a one stop shop for things (like flowers to wine/spirits/beers), and a good bakery (for a wicked banana bread) – then FreshDirect is good for you.

Delivery wise:

If you prefer to get groceries delivered to you on a more regular basis, like your fruit and veg and meat topped up mid-week, then a DeliveryPass is probably good for you.

If you are someone that can do a two-four week shop for everything (I guess you do a combo of fresh and frozen veg?) – then paying the $6.99 per delivery is a good option.

I hope this review helps those who are deciding to try AmazonFresh or FreshDirect. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!


4 thoughts on “Review: NYC FreshDirect vs AmazonFresh

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  1. This was so helpful! I get mad at FD sometimes and was thinking about Amazon, but this confirms that FD is still the best for me. My annoyances are typically related to choice items (why are the onions always garbage?!), but overall great customer service and avoidance of people in grocery stores 🙂


  2. This was really helpful and I really appreciate the depth of information when comparing. I think I may try FD from now on. While I have a prime account it seems excessive to have to pay for prime, and amazon fresh and delivery fees and on and on. I just want my groceries in a quick and simple way. Thanks again


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