Travel: Breakfast at Cafe 63 – New Farm Park, Brisbane

I promise this will be the last Throwback Thursday to Brisbane. I understand not everyone loves Brisbane as much as I do. It’s not hard to guess that I still have a soft spot for my hometown, right?

Gambit and I popped into Cafe 63 New Farm Park location for breakfast. I decided to come back to this place not because the coffee is especially great but Frenchie and I ate there in 2015 and I remember the food being good. 

The menu is massive. I am talking pages on pages. I think it’s great to offer options but sometimes too much is a bit toooooo much.

After taking almost 20 minutes to read through everything, Gambit and I ordered.

I ordered the “Gary” – Smoked salmon | poached egg top w hollandaise sauce | mash avo63 | toast, and “Kayla” – French toast (2) | maple syrup | garnish strawberry.

Gambit ordered the “Gilbert” which was a special item. It was basically an eggs benedict with caviar. Fancy – just like him. 

So like I previously mentioned, the coffee is not the highlight of the place and actually after going back this time with Gambit, I don’t think I will go again next time because I wasn’t as happy with my food. I really didn’t like the avocado paste which was served. It was not pleasant. 

If you want to try Cafe 63 New Farm Park location yourself, you can find it here: 938 Brunswick Street, New Farm. 


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