Create your own BodyBoss Fitness Guide

If you are like me and your Facebook feed has been bombarded with BodyBoss posts recently, advertising their 12 week fitness guide, you may have been tempted to punch in your credit card details and take the BodyBoss challenge plunge.

I put myself down for the 7 day free trial (click to open to the trial PDF) which really does show how pretty the pictures and details of the exercises would be.

BodyBoss 7 day trial

I have been considering purchasing the fitness guide in hopes that it would be the miracle I have been waiting for – that by investing $65.90 USD for the pretty Print Edition (includes free delivery) I will shed the weight I have wanted to… but right now, I just don’t have that type of mullah to drop.

So instead, I surfed the net and created my own workout book. This was triggered by a comment a person on Facebook made on the most recent ad I saw.

It does take some time, like 30 minutes, to google, copy, paste and PDF… Given, the pics are not as pretty as the BodyBoss Fitness Guide, but in order to save $70 bucks, it’s something I am OK with right now. In addition, I am sure the BodyBoss Fitness Guide will give you extra hints and tips – but you can do a search on the internet for such fitness and health related articles and tips, too.

Here is an example of my own fitness guide (click to open – it may take a while as it is a large file as it contains all the below pics!)

My workout book.JPG(All images in the book are off the internet and I have kept their watermarks to credit them). As you can see, there’s a lot out there already. Just not all put together and pretty like BodyBoss but there’s 30 pages worth which I can print out on legal size paper to take with me to the apartment gym.

I searched using the below terms in google, then went to the image tab:

  • home body workouts
  • home kettlebell workouts
  • home dumbbell workouts
  • home exercises

After many years of going to gyms, several Personal Trainers, boot camps, etc, I have a good general knowledge of how to do an exercise. But even if I am unsure, all I would need to do is a quick google search and watch a YouTube demonstration.

So if you are like me and want to get into BodyBoss but just can’t afford to buy the fitness guide right now, create your own! And to be honest, BodyBoss is essentially a physical or digital book which as a business model, exposes themselves to risk of people buying it, photocopying it and posting it online, leading to decline in sales anyway. So I kind of understand why they price their product as is because they need to cover such risks. I don’t feel it is the first of its kind anyway as there are many “exercise” books you can already buy or borrow.


oh – I am not sure if I need to add a disclosure here like in all the health books about how you should seek professional advice before starting any new exercise or diet.. but if you’re still reading up to here anyway – there you have it.


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