Who is Crocs & Candy?

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to check out my site! I mean, with so many other more useful and interesting things to look at online, it is an honor to have you even glancing at my site.

I am Crocs & Candy. The primary reason I even started a blog was so that that friends and family could read about our expat lives when we moved from Sydney to New York (and then unexpectedly, to Abu Dhabi).

As time progressed, I started to write about things I love – travel, food, my cat (Ava). I also noticed that I didn’t really have a theme or structure unlike other blogs. I will probably continue on having no theme or structure as I just like writing about things I enjoy and love!

There is a Wordless Wednesday area on the site where I load an image usually without explanation on Wednesdays (der). But I am not a photographer by any means, so that is why you get what you get.

I am not a copy writer or creative writer. I’d like to use the excuse that English is my second language but I actually should know better. Out of pure and utter laziness, I rarely proof. Consequently, this means my posts will contain typos, terrible grammar and possibly be quite rant-y. You can always click away if it becomes too unbearable.

Lastly, I won’t be disclosing my (or my husband’s or friends’) names, or upload any photos of us. Ava, our cat, will receive all the limelight. I have decided to go the anonymous route because of my paranoia of online bullying/harassment and identify theft. Ava on the other hand, doesn’t have a credit score and cannot read.

Once again, thank you wholeheartedly, for taking the time to read this.

PS – Why Crocs & Candy? Because I wear Crocs and I eat candy! xx


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