Create your own BodyBoss Fitness Guide

If you are like me and your Facebook feed has been bombarded with BodyBoss posts recently, advertising their 12 week fitness guide, you may have been tempted to punch in your credit card details and take the BodyBoss challenge plunge. I put myself down for the 7 day free trial (click to open to the trial PDF) which really does show how pretty the pictures and … Continue reading Create your own BodyBoss Fitness Guide

NYC FreshDirect vs AmazonFresh

I have been a customer of FreshDirect and AmazonFresh for the past 1-2 years. I think that I am now able to provide a detailed review on both. So here we go for those people that live in New York and are trying to decide which option to go with:   AmazonFresh Minimum spend: $40 (pre-tax) Membership/ subscription fee: Amazon Prime membership + $14.99 (+ … Continue reading NYC FreshDirect vs AmazonFresh

Review: Fitbit Charge

The Fitbit Charge was released in Australia on Friday 14 November and I bought it the next day.  I couldn’t wait for the Fitbit Surge which I had originally planned to buy in 2015. I already knew about the Fitbit products since we already owned the Fitbit Aria. I got the idea that I wanted to start tracking my steps because after a catch up with a friend, … Continue reading Review: Fitbit Charge