Applebee’s birthday e-club is THE best

When we first moved to New York, I googled all the places that gave freebies if you signed up to their newsletter. And when my birthday was coming up, I googled which places gave birthday freebies and I must say, Applebee's was hands-down the best freebie giver. I received a voucher which I could only … Continue reading Applebee’s birthday e-club is THE best

Double girl crush Wednesday: Mindy Kaling & Tina Fey

This Wednesday I attended one of Mindy Kaling’s book tour events where she was interviewed by Tina Fey on stage at the 92Y Center. This was part of her #whynotme book tour. I love Mindy and I love Tina – so this Wednesday night was just an amazing experience for me and I was getting … Continue reading Double girl crush Wednesday: Mindy Kaling & Tina Fey

“Why do you look…. Asian?”

My friend sent me the above YouTube video clip ( after she remembered a conversation I once had with her regarding race. The general topic of race has always been apparent in my life because my parents were born in China/Hong Kong and moved to Australia in their 20s and had me and my brother. The … Continue reading “Why do you look…. Asian?”

The ‘crocs’ of crocsandcandy

I thought it was time for the explanation post for the blog name - crocsandcandy.  By now, it should be obvious where the candy comes from, but where does the Crocs come from? I have only been wearing Crocs since circa 2013.  And after you read this post, it will become obvious where the 'Crocs' came … Continue reading The ‘crocs’ of crocsandcandy

Dear Doctor, in case you were concerned…

You may have been following my indulgences over the past month and must be wondering – am I doing anything on the lines of exercise? Or to counter-act the damage? I would like to confess that I have only written parts of what I have been eating.  I told you I was never going to … Continue reading Dear Doctor, in case you were concerned…