Review: FreshDirect Thanksgiving Dinner Feast Kit

This is a review for the small 2016 FreshDirect Thanksgiving Feast kit. I am posting early so that people (in New York area) that like to plan ahead (like me) can consider this as an option! Our first Thanksgiving in New York was in 2015 when we went to the Thanksgiving Day Parade. That year... Continue Reading →


Making friends (when you’re a bit of a nomad)

It dawned on me in April that it's been a decade since I left Brisbane to start my accidental life as a global wanderer. It has been awesome living in London, Sydney and New York but the one thing I've always had difficulties with has been making new friends in these new cities. It’s probably... Continue Reading →

Fitbit loving

A while back I wrote a post about my Fitbit Charge and this is just a quick follow up. I bought my Fitbit Charge the first day it was released in Australia and really loved it. I have worn it everyday since, excluding the hour or so here and there when it needs a charge... Continue Reading →

Lounge pig

I am one of the most disgusting, poorly trained, lounge pigs. Soon after meeting Gambit, he introduced me to airline lounges. I can’t remember which lounge I entered first, but I remember I was once a shy lounge guest.  I was conscious that people were watching me going up for food, eating the food, going for... Continue Reading →

Review: Fitbit Charge

The Fitbit Charge was released in Australia on Friday 14 November and I bought it the next day.  I couldn’t wait for the Fitbit Surge which I had originally planned to buy in 2015. I already knew about the Fitbit products since we already owned the Fitbit Aria. I got the idea that I wanted to start tracking... Continue Reading →

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