Create your own BodyBoss Fitness Guide

If you are like me and your Facebook feed has been bombarded with BodyBoss posts recently, advertising their 12 week fitness guide, you may have been tempted to punch in your credit card details and take the BodyBoss challenge plunge. I put myself down for the 7 day free trial (click to open to the trial... Continue Reading →


A very special “TBT/Throwback Thursday” ❤️❤️❤️

This is a very special Throwback Thursday because 8 June marks our wedding anniversary. It honestly does not feel like it was only three years ago when we got married as it truly feels like decades ago - oh, and I mean that in a nice way. Gambit and I got married in the Chinese... Continue Reading →

“Why do you look…. Asian?”

My friend sent me the above YouTube video clip ( after she remembered a conversation I once had with her regarding race. The general topic of race has always been apparent in my life because my parents were born in China/Hong Kong and moved to Australia in their 20s and had me and my brother. The... Continue Reading →

Umbrella etiquette

Lately, Sydney has been experiencing some stormy weather.  It will be raining while I am heading into work, clear up while I'm in the office, then rain heavily again when I'm heading back home. I have no problem with it raining. I don’t mind a good storm. I even don’t mind walking in the rain (although there’s an... Continue Reading →

Apartment love

Today is moving day. After many many weeks of organising our place to be rented out, and then sorting and packing our life into a couple of suitcases and boxes, we are finally leaving our apartment to stay temporarily at our friends' place for a couple of weeks before staying at a family's place for another... Continue Reading →

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