Travel: Breakfast at Cafe 63 – New Farm Park, Brisbane

I promise this will be the last Throwback Thursday to Brisbane. I understand not everyone loves Brisbane as much as I do. It's not hard to guess that I still have a soft spot for my hometown, right? Gambit and I popped into Cafe 63 New Farm Park location for breakfast. I decided to come... Continue Reading →


Travel: Lunch at Dandelion & Driftwood, Brisbane

Gambit and I popped into Dandelion & Driftwood for lunch when we were in Brisbane. I found Dandelion & Driftwood online when I searched for places in Brisbane that had excellent coffee. Upon our visit, we were not disappointed. I ordered a mocha and it was the waiter's suggestion to have the Driftwood Blend. For lunch, Gambit... Continue Reading →

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