Travel: #TBT: That trip to Texas

It actually wasn't that long ago I went to Texas. In fact it was only a couple of weeks ago (from Wednesday 28 June to Sun 2 July). As part of my new job (yes, I will post about that one day) I was sent to Dallas for a couple of nights so I decided... Continue Reading →


Travel: the Circle Line tour – The Best of NYC

Alright people.. are you ready for an overload of photos and gifs? On Easter Sunday, Gambit and I went on the famous Circle Line tour. I took over 300 photos and 20 videos. To get the 40 photos below, I painfully went through each one and edited the ones I chose. Urgh... I could never... Continue Reading →

A week in Vegas

Gambit’s parents were over from the UK for a few weeks and for one of those weeks we stayed in Las Vegas. Many of you may immediately think that a week in Vegas is a long time.  Which may be true, however considering Gambit Seniors had never been to Vegas, it provided us enough time... Continue Reading →

Smorgasburg in Williamsburg & the infamous Ramen Burger

  Our first trip ever to Brooklyn was to visit the Smorgasburg - in Williamsburg. Smorgasburg is a weekly event where loads of different food vendors set up a site and sell their food.  Anything from ribs, burgers, buns to cookies, ice-cream sandwiches and popcorn. It was the first weekend the Smorgasburg returned to... Continue Reading →

Houston as a hole…

Oops, I meant to say – Houston as a whole, reminded me of some suburban parts of Brisbane. If you know Brisbane you will hopefully understand my following references. GETTING AROUND I found that you needed a car to get around to most places since everything seems to be spread around everywhere. It would be similar... Continue Reading →

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