Umbrella etiquette

Lately, Sydney has been experiencing some stormy weather.  It will be raining while I am heading into work, clear up while I’m in the office, then rain heavily again when I’m heading back home. I have no problem with it raining. I don’t mind a good storm. I even don’t mind walking in the rain (although there’s an unwritten rule that says I’m not allowed to turn up … Continue reading Umbrella etiquette

Review: (I got) dish’d

What dish’d say about themselves on their website: Where did it all begin? dish’d was conceived by a small dedicated group of food enthusiasts within Simplot Australia back in 2011. The goal was to create a new and exciting way for people to experience innovative and delicious food from around the world. Easily. I had to catch the bus to the shops to pick up … Continue reading Review: (I got) dish’d